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A sustainable and competitive European construction industry brings many benefits to people's quality of life, fighting climate change and growing the EU economy - including jobs. In 2012, the Commission published a Communication Strategy for the sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises as part of the Europe 2020 initiative focusing on the promotion of favourable market conditions for sustainable growth in the construction sector. Five Thematic Objectives (TOs) are addressed:

TO1. Financing
TO2. Skills and qualifications
TO3. Resource efficiency
TO4. Regulatory framework
TO5. International competitiveness 
The European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO) was set up in 2015 under COSME (EU's programme for the competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs) to regularly analyse and carry out comparative assessments of the construction sector in all 28 EU countries towards these objectives. It aims to keep EU policymakers and stakeholders up to date on market conditions and policy developments. 
To accomplish that, ECSO publishes the following:
Country Fact Sheets are profile of each EU Member State about market conditions and trends as well as national/regional strategies related to the five thematic objectives of Construction 2020.
Policy Fact Sheets are descriptions of national and/or regional policy measures related to the thematic priorities of Construction 2020, identifying the process of implementation and monitoring, the likely socio-economic effects on the various actors in the construction sector and the environmental impacts on society.
Analytical Reports are based on the individual country profiles and policy fact sheets, and other sources, which clearly identify issues and provide background information to formulate policy recommendations with respect to the socio-economic and environmental performance of the construction sector. 
To ensure that ECSO provides information and analysis of value to stakeholders, we would like to invite you to complete a short questionnaire which is divided into two sections. The first section contains brief questions on the quality and relevance of our publications. The second section focuses on communication preferences.

We appreciate your participation and valuable feedback.

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